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    Trauma Counseling & EMDR

    Does your nervous system feel all out of whack?

    Are you struggling with panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere?

    Do you feel like you are living on high alert all the time?

    Does it seem like any random sound or flash of a memory can make you feel panicky?

    Do you often get angry and snap and your spouse, partner, kids or even the family dog?

    Do you struggle with guilt that you can’t seem to get over a bad experience or a toxic relationship?

    Trauma from the past can feel like it happened yesterday.

    Trauma is not only stored in your brain. It is also stored in your body. That’s why we need a different solution to processing your trauma. You can’t talk your way through it.

    EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

    EMDR is the tool that can help unlock the parts of the brain – and the body – which holds negative memories or moments.

    Once they are unlocked, you can re-process them. EMDR allows you to integrate the ‘new’ memories within your life without the emotional and physical impact of the original event.

    Understand and Manage Past Trauma and its impact on your life in the First Step

    At Mandala Counseling Group, we use EMDR therapy as a way to help you restore your nervous system to a healthy, balanced state.

    We support you through the healing and recovery process in order to help you create a life of joy and connection with the world around you.