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    Sully: Our Canine Assistant & Certified Cuddler

    Sully is a young Australian Labradoodle therapy dog in training. Keely adopted her “fur baby” from Dixie’s Doodles in San Antonio, Texas. He has been a great addition to a family with two other dogs.

    Sully was named after Captain Sully Sullenberger who safely landed the US Airways Flight 1549 on New York’s Hudson River. Keely wanted to name her therapy dog in honor of someone who helped others during times of great trauma.

    During the covid pandemic, Sully provided company and love to Keely while she managed an enormous amount of clients’ struggling with mental health issues and grief. Today he loves seeing clients in person and often he lays on the floor (or if invited to the couch) to provide comfort during counseling sessions.

    For fun, Sully loves to play with his Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel siblings at home. He enjoys walking on the hike and bike trails and playing fetch in between sessions and on the beach.