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    Claudia Troncoso M.Ed, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified School Counselor, EMDR Trained Therapist

    I am a daughter of Mexican immigrants. After growing up with an alcoholic father, who was also “machista,” and in a domestic violence environment, I understand how it is to feel powerless, angry, anxious, and depressed.

    I learned that my father had an illness and needed help. I was able to work through my own mental health and challenge the negative feelings that would not let me feel at peace.

    Throughout various stages of my life, I have met strong women, who helped and empowered me to be the person I am today. I became a counselor to learn how to help others, especially children and women who are suffering the effects of alcoholism and domestic violence.

    Therapy is a team building project; I can help you work through your challenges and gain confidence in yourself so you can make the decisions you need to live the life you desire.

    More About Claudia

    I was raised in a dysfunctional family. My father’s tantrums terrified us! His uncontrolled anger and instability led to outbursts of rage where he mistreated our family.

    I, like my pre-teen/teen clients, had feelings of uncertainty and fears when parents argue. As a child, I dreamt of changing my father and saving my mother. Every failed attempt to do this, caused innumerable negative sentiments. My stress led to anger outbursts, which then steered to more family troubles.

    Later, I learned that my father’s alcoholism was an illness.

    In graduate school, I studied the dilemma/complexity of this addiction and the serious consequences it was having in not only my family, but on many other children and teens. Alcoholism and drug addiction, along with the “machismo” beliefs in our Mexican-American culture greatly affect family dynamics.

    I have more than six years working with children and adolescents. My goal in therapy is to alleviate the children’s experiences by teaching them and parents how to cope and become resilient. I use a humanistic approach to build rapport with my clients. With REBT and CBT skills clients learn to analyze hurtful events in their lives and to dispute negative thinking. Clients learn to distinguish between what they can and cannot control.

    Together we work on what we can control.


    • Masters of Ed in Counseling and Guidance at UTRGV
    • Bachelors in Bilingual Education at UTB/TSC


    • Licensed Professional Counselor
    • Certified School Counselor


    • Pre-Teens/Teens, Women, Stress, Self-Esteem, Family Relationships

    Fun Facts:

    • Favorite meal: Tacos
    • Hobbies: Soccer, hiking
    • Ideal Saturday night: Karaoke & carne asada with my family
    • Favorite thing about therapy: Seeing my clients grow.