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    Marriage & Couples Counseling

    Are you tired of feeling misunderstood and constantly at battle in your relationship?

    Are you OVER feeling like roommates?

    Are you trying to decide if you should stay or go?

    Are you ready to feel connected again?

    Life can be tough on relationships. It can often test us at our limits and when things get difficult it can make it even harder to ask for help. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs.

    Relationships are work. We’ll Help You Learn How to Succeed.

    Our motto for relationship counseling is Love needs to be intentional to be long-lasting.

    Our counselors are passionate about teaching our clients how to be intentional in their relationships as a way to strengthen them. We encourage not only strengthening the relationship but also fostering their own personal development.

    A healthy marriage is a balance of nurturing your relationship while growing yourself.

    It’s time to get unstuck and reconnect with your partner in new ways.

    Learning about patterns and negative cycles that are keeping you fighting over and over about the same things allows you to do things in a different way. Your relationship can be a place of growth for each of you, together.

    Common Reasons Couples Come to Therapy:

    Premarital Counseling


    Trust Issues

    Couples wanting to “respark” their intimacy

    Couples wanting to improve their communication and learn to “fight fair”

    Couples affected by Trauma

    Navigating Coparenting or Blending of Two Families

    New parents

    Couples Therapy can help you stabilize your relationship and it to a peaceful place of understanding and reconnection for both of you.

    We provide help, healing, and growth to your most important relationship.