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    Counseling for Children

    Are you concerned about your child?

    Does every day feel like a battle? Is your house feeling chaotic at times?

    Are you worried that there is something going on with your child but you can’t seem to fix it? Is your home a war zone with fights, upsets, tantrums, and yelling?

    Is everyone else being negatively affected by the emotional outbursts?

    Have the emotional outbursts moved to school or out in public?

    Are teachers or the principal calling you to report your child’s behavior?

    Is it impacting their ability to make friends and to learn in school?

    Is your child struggling with managing a major life event like the death of a loved one or a divorce?

    Have you seen their appetite change?

    Are they wetting the bed again or not sleeping through the night?

    Are they isolating themselves?

    Refusing to go to school or refusing to participate in after-school activities that they once enjoyed?

    Is your Child’s Behavior Taking A Toll on The Entire Family?

    There is help available! Start counseling today!

    As counselors in Brownsville, Texas, we specialize in working with children struggling with anxiety, grief, and behavior issues every day.

    Our caring therapists will ensure that their counseling office becomes a safe place for your child to explore their big emotions.

    Common Reasons Children Come to Counseling:


    School Problems


    Grief & Loss

    Adjustment to Family Changes

    Bullying or Mean Girl Drama

    Difficulty Making or Keeping Friends

    Therapy Can Help Your Child and Your Family

    Counseling for kids can improve a child’s confidence and self-esteem as well as helping develop healthy ways to communicate their feelings and needs. They will learn new coping skills, through play therapy and they will feel more at peace with themselves, their community, and their family.

    Begin your Family’s Journey Towards Healing and Happiness.